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A GreaseMonkey script for translating plurks

Alvin Translate

How to Install

You will need FireFox browser and GreaseMonkey plugin. If you have them, please proceed to step 3. Otherwise also do steps 1 and 2.

1. First you will need FireFox browser. Please go to, download it and install it.

2. Once you have it installed, you will need to install the GreaseMonkey plugin. Please go to GreaseMonkey plugin page and click "Add to Firefox". After you have it installed, please restart your FireFox browser.

3. Install the Plurk translate script. Once you click the link, the following dialog will appear:

Grease Install

Now go back to your plurk page and you will notice that there is a 'translate' label near each plurk. Click it to translate the plurk!

Alvin Translate

If the plurk is open and you click the 'translate' label, all the responses are translated as well!


  • Add a small select box to choose the translation language (currently it's English).
  • Automatically translate all Plurks.

Who wrote it?

Peteris Krumins wrote it. Come be his friend on plurk, his profile name is pkrumins!

Happy times! :)

Happy times

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