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The Comfort of the Collective

Solace is a fully open-sourced multilingual support and knowledge exchange platform written in Python.


The development of Solace is inspired and has been guided in support of our mission on creating a truly open and vibrant social service that users feel wholly responsible for shaping into what it is today. Plurk has been using this same spirit of user involvement since late 2007 with its Plurk Collaborative Translation Project and continues to build upon those roots today.


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Solace in Detail

Solace is an open sourced knowledge exchange platform. Written in Python with extensibility in mind, Solace builds upon the work of several existing collaboratively edited knowledge exchange and support services. Use Solace to:

  • Crowdsource and improve the support function of an existing community or website
  • Create an internal knowledge exchange between employees for your company or start-up
  • Launch a dedicated topical/vertical question and answer community
  • Do something else entirely‚Ķ

Solace incorporates existing elements such as up/down voting, topic trending/relevancy algorithms, a progressive reputation and reward system, tiered permission levels, user moderation, and wiki like editing to create a powerful self-sustaining platform that stays relevant and ensures users easily find what they are looking for. Moreover, Solace also incorporates a powerful API and multilingual support to ensure the service plugs in easily to an existing community or your intranet, no matter what language your service is built on or that your users speak.

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License and copyright

Solace is copyrighted by Plurk Inc and is licensed under BSD License.

Solace development is lead by Armin Ronacher.

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